Facebook Offering

While a Facebook Business Page used to be a “nice to have it” is now expected by potential clients.

Every one these days use social media as a critical source of information before interacting with companies. Internet users spend more time on Facebook than any other website, so a Facebook Business Page has gone from a ‘nice to have’ to an expected part of your marketing.

Facebook gives you the opportunity to show that you are a reputable authority in your field and is key to relationship building and brand perception giving insight into your reputation, your style of business and, through reviews, an honest impression of how you are perceived in the market. Providing your followers with branded images and expertly crafted content which is relevant and positive for your business is a must.

Setting up and maintaining these strategies takes time, money and know-how and can be overwhelming, whereas working with with us is easy and comfortable. As with our websites, our exclusive focus on your business means we are able to deliver exceptional value to our social media clients.

“Utilising Facebook was never my strong point, and I am ecstatic that WEB-BOX has developed our social media presence and put us on the map.”

Uchman Elvis, Maximum Grade

“I am so glad I chose DEKINGS PROJECT to assist with my online marketing. Their professional, knowledgeable team understand what I need for my agency.”

Beauty Ese , Beauty Ese Fashion

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Agencies with a restricted budget, who need increased brand exposure/awareness but are comfortable with their Facebook Page to grow slowly.


Business Facebook Page setup, once-off cost: If no existing page: R1750 + VAT, If existing page: R980 + VAT (we perform essential configuration to ensure optimal setup)